Engagement Strategy with Civil Society, Governments and Private Sector

The public consultations seek to listen and receive inputs, concerns and proposals from stakeholders of a specific project/strategy/program of the IDB Group. They are characterized by formal, public and organized processes in stages that follow a methodology and respond to the best universal practices and Operational Policies of the IDB Group and/or legal frameworks and regulations applicable in the matter in each one of the twenty-six (26) countries of Latin America and the Caribbean where the IDB operates.

In the last two decades, the IDB group has intensified and expanded its relationship with Civil Society. It has adopted new policies for transparency, participation as well as social and environmental safeguards, which provide a framework for relations with civil society and help build trust with governments, the private sector and civil society organizations (CSOs).

To know which public consultations are open and valid you can click on the following link: Public Consultations with Civil Society.

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