PM4R scholars: what we learned

After a competitive process to participate in our tutored course Project Management for Results – PM4R, some of our participants reflect on the learnings acquired from this methodology employed by the IDB in development projects. 


We brought up our capacities for coordination, logistics and teamwork. It is not just regurgitating all we read, but to analyze and apply the knowledge, taking us to another level of participation unseen in a course. 

The HALO Trust


It allowed us to form a clear objective and define the times required for all activities in our project. Specifically, it provides tools for management, to provide inputs on public policies. 

Centro de Iniciativa Urbana


It helped us to better understand the project stages. Even though we have previous project management experience, it allowed us to see what we need in specific areas of our project. 



It has been very helpful in the development of a project we are currently conducting with the IDB. 

Junior Achievement El Salvador


We learned we must have competitive advantages, by juggling times, costs, and resources, for effective project management. 

Funpdeint – Fundación para el desarrollo integral


It has opened our professional paths from the different expectations of our team members.

Bioverde Proyectos Sustentables, A. C.


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