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The latest in current development affairs in the region.

IDB Group-Civil Society: New Engagement Strategy

What strategies add value to the relationship of governments, companies and civil society? [...]

The Future of Work: Regional Perspectives

The uncertainty of the future of work naturally raises a number of questions. It is no wonder Argentina put it on the agenda as one of three priorities to be discussed at the ... [...]

The impacts of shifting from print to digital textbooks

Education systems are rapidly moving toward greater digitalization. [...]

Human-centric economy and Technological Innovation

The more technology can do, the more human-centric we are free to become. [...]

PM4R – Project Management for Results | July – November 2018

July - November 2018 Course in English Only [...]


The Review of IDB Group and Civil Society Engagement Actions presents the initiatives, operations and activities of the IDB Group that involve Civil S[...]

How Latin American Countries Became World Champions of Happiness

8 of the 10 countries with the highest levels of positive emotion in the world are in Latin America. [...]

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