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Engagement Strategy with Civil Society, Governments and Private Sector

The public consultations seek to listen and receive inputs, concerns and proposals from stakeholders of a spec [...]

Civil society and the challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Latin America and the Caribbean region face major challenges, especially in Fiscal Policies, Gender Inequality, Public Health and Traffic Accidents. [...]

Civil Society: Climate and Sustainability

It is essential to have an efficient management of natural resources, especially to mitigate the effects of climate change. [...]

The IDB Group and its engagement with Civil Society and Sustainable Development and Institutional role of CSO’s.

The institutional sustainability in CSOs' sector is a combination of resources, impact and organizational innovation, where the increase of capacity building is essential. [...]

The IDB Group launch of WiConnect3: The Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean sustainable development

WiConnect3. A platform especially designed for Civil Society Organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean. [...]

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