The IDB Group launch of WiConnect3: The Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean sustainable development

It is our pleasure to share with you the launch of WiConnect3. A platform especially designed for Civil Society Organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean. A tool created by the IDB Group in the framework of its relation to Civil Society, aiming to contribute to the development efforts of the IDB on its work with Governments, the Private Sector and Civil Society … because 3 are better than 1.

This online platform has been developed to showcase the social framework of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Through this digital portal, web searches can be carried out to find civil society organizations from all over the region according to location, sector and name. It is our intention, for this platform to become a channel which highlights the development work civil society is doing in the region, promoting information, dialogue, public consultation, collaboration and partnerships with different stakeholders. Likewise, this will foster the generation of connections between these same organizations; facilitating integration within the regional agendas with shared values.

In addition to this, information can be found regarding training opportunities and scholarships for CSOs, and news about upcoming events for civil society. We hope this platform will be a useful tool for all the stakeholders in the sector.

If you are a social organization, you can create your own profile creating your registration user. If you are an investor/donor/cooperating agency, you can find organizations that are working in the sectors, countries and/or areas that you are searching for. If you are an academic, you can identify organizations in the region, related to the areas where you are doing research. These are some of the actions we propose. We invite you now to navigate the site, to use it and afterwards, send us your opinion. You can contact us at

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