The IDB Group and its engagement with Civil Society and Sustainable Development and Institutional role of CSO’s.

The world has changed, bringing with it new paradigms of development, which also includes economic and social changes. All of this has led to a gradual and strong institutionalization of the Civil Society role, marking a growing trend of citizen participation. In this context, a better organized and empowered civil society, generates more complex social bounds, that today are reflected in a stronger public opinion.

In its strategy to achieve the development of the region and to integrate local and technical perspectives and experiences, the IDB Group seeks to maximize the possibilities for development by engaging stakeholders from Civil Society which add value through their own projects and initiatives, especially in rural and/or remote areas where CSOs play a definitive role. This relationship with Civil Society is carried out through five levels of engagement: Information, Dialogue, Consultations, Collaborations and Partnerships.

The institutional sustainability in the Civil Society Organizations sector is a combination of resources, impact and organizational innovation, where the increase of capacity building is essential. There are many interactions and programs executed by the IDB Group for the participation and strengthening of Civil Society Organizations, that can be mentioned. These include: the collaborative development of innovative solutions, capacity building programs, groups of consultations (ConSoc) and round tables for the joint construction of knowledge, and the design of regional common agendas related to the development challenges.

We invite you to walk through this publication, which provides information about the Civil Society framework in the different countries of the region. This analysis will now allow us the coordination of the next steps in the regional common agenda towards sustainable growth.

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