How to access Premium features on WiConnect?

Now multiple members of an organization can access scholarships for certified courses, get details about grants before the general public, and register to IDB events.


This tutorial shows:

  1. How to register as member of an organization previously registered on WiConnect

  2. How to use new features for users with administration permissions for an organization’s profile




What do I need to register?

  • You must belong to a civil society, private or public sector organization in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • A valid email address.


How do I register? In 4 steps:


1. Go to and click on Register your organization. Search for the organization name, select it, and click “Next”. 


2. Fill the form and check the two boxes before clicking “Next.” A confirmation message should appear. 


3. Go to your email (inbox or SPAM folder) and find a message from WiConnect. Open it and click the blue text. Follow the instructions, enter your email and password and click “Submit.” You’re done!



How do I check if the users registered as members of my organization are real?

– Users with administrator permission receive email notifications when a new member has joined/unlinked on WiConnect or changes to the organization profile have been made.

– Administrators can reject or add additional authorizations to organization members. 


How do I know if I’m an admin?

    1. Log in and click the “Institution profile” tab. If you can open it, you are an admin. You will be able to edit, remove, or add information about your organization. 

    2. In the “Proyects” tab, you can add your organization’s “resume.” In the “Members” tab you can manage permissions and delete users that do not belong to your organization by selecting “unlink.” Remember to always click on “Save changes”





If you have questions, send us an email to

Want to know how to register your organization? Click here to see the instructions.

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