The winning organization will receive US$100,000 in recognition of its work, and to encourage their ongoing efforts to improve lives. The second prize is US$50,000, while the third and fourth will grant US$25,000 respectively.


Who can apply?

Non-governmental organizations from the IDB’s member countries that are leaders in improving lives, strengthening citizen participation, fostering equitable societies. and promoting social inclusion. They must possess over five years of experience in game-changing projects with proven results.

Selection criteria

  • INNOVATION: We are seeking organizations that are actively working to solve people’s problems with new tools, methods, or techniques, providing value added, and taking a creative approach.

  • RELEVANCE: The objective of the organization should be relevant to the development reality of Latin America and the Caribbean and should be aligned with the Bank’s mission of improving lives.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Both the organization and its projects should be sustainable over time and should attend the needs of the present with a view to changing and improving lives in the future.

  • REPLICABILITY: We are seeking initiatives that have the potential to be replicated in other countries in the region to improve lives throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.


How to apply?

  1. Click here to download the award guidelines.
  2. If you meet the criteria to enter the competition, please register in You Noodle by clicking this link.
  3. In order to compete, organizations should include complete an application form and include a link to a video lasting no more than two minutes that answers the following questions:
    a. What challenge is your organization solving?
    b. Why should it be selected over other organizations?

If you need more information, send a message to or visit the event page.


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