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The organization NGO National Coordinating Coalition Inc. is specialized in Lobbying / Human RightsChildhood / YouthGender / Diversity

This organization has been identified as an important actor in the local community of its region. If you need more information about the NGO National Coordinating Coalition Inc., contact:
Lobbying / Human Rights · Childhood / Youth · Gender / Diversity
What have you accomplished so far and what are next steps?
The NCC has adopted a more multi-sectoral approach beyond HIV/AIDS, and its membership located in regions 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 10 are among leading NGOs in Guyana addressing social issues which affect youth in general – more specifically at-risk youth, suicide, crime and violence, education development, gender-based violence and its effects. The NGOs have thus realigned their activities to better support national priorities.
How do you make sure you are doing things right?
These are done based on the project requirements. Our Monitoring and Evaluation officer will produce monthly reports for each project.
What are the social and environmental commitments you adhere to?
Recognizing the unique and critical role NGOs play in complementing the National HIV response and the need to ensure the sustainability of the NGOs and the services provided, USAID d the Guyana Civil Society Leadership (GCSL) project. Initiated in June 2015, through a three (3) year cooperative agreement between the Volunteer Youth Corps Inc and USAID, one of the project’s objectives was to an enabling environment for the National Coordinating Coalition Inc.
How do the members of your organization identify?
Our staff complement is a multi-ethnic and gender group. We also have consultants who also from the Indigenous and migrant communities.
Additional information
The NCC members are established in regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and ten, and are among the longstanding NGOs in Guyana addressing community and social issues which affect at-risk youth and families.
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