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6 ways social innovators are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

From creating biometric identification systems to developing ways to deliver microfinance loans, here are six innovative ways social innovators are ad[...]

COVID-19: $800+ million to support small businesses and crisis response

To help address the crisis, Google is announcing a new $800+ million commitment to support small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) [...]

Women in Latin America and The Caribbean face greater risks from coronavirus

In the region, half of doctors and more than 80% of nurses are women, and women do 73% of the unpaid labor at home while men do the remaining 27%. [...]

COVID-19: Tourism-Based Shock Scenarios for Caribbean Countries

Tourism accounts for between 34 and 48 percent of total output (GDP) in The Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica. [...]

New series of webinars on Aging and Long-term Care

By 2050 1 in every 4 people in the region will be over 50 years old. Care to encourage resilience in this population vulnerable to Coronavirus require[...]

Resources and open knowledge to collaborate in response to the pandemic

Open and relevant resources to motivate the construction of answers based on quality information and global collaboration. [...]

COVID-19 / Coronavirus: citizen engagement in a historic civic duty

Citizen engagement has a decisive role in the upcoming days. These are not times to think about oneself isolated from the personal obligation to contr[...]

How’s the region in compliance with the Paris Agreements?

Without citizen participation, each action towards progress becomes as fragile as a domino line.  [...]

Keys for facing climate change in the region

Actions against climate change are boosted through effective linkage between governments, civil society and private sector. Click to learn how. [...]

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