Collaboration and partnerships for innovation: the approach of #MovidosxChile against COVID-19

IDB Lab Team in Chile

IDB Lab Team in Chile

To this date, the #MovidosxChile (Mobilized for Chile) platform has published 62 causes from 40 civil society organizations from different locations in Chile, achieving an impact in more than 25 thousand people. More than $1,5 million dollars have been channeled, towards the $27 million goal to mitigate the needs of the most vulnerable..

In April 2020, the IDB Lab Chile joined the MovidosxChile” initiative, an open platform for civil society organizations (CSO) to describe the needs surging from the COVID-19 pandemic, and receive donations from companies and individuals. With the goal of efficiently articulating aid from the private sector with agility and transparency, efforts converge from the Social Development Ministry, the Solidarity Organizations Community, the San Carlos del Maipo Foundation and

Beginning today and towards the future, the coordination, use, and benefit of technology is necessary for generating partnerships and harness resources; efficiency in operations; promoting knowledge exchange; constant feedback; and implementing best practices while facilitating their adoption for the benefit of improving people’s lives.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, a “before and after” has been marked in human relationships and the institutions as such, where the role of technology for enabling solutions plays a very important role. Behind the #MovidosxChile initiative, there is a great work and commitment made by the IDB Group, entrepreneurs, SMEs, government, larger enterprises and associations convinced that collaboration and innovation are key for facing emergency situations and facilitating the help that is needed today.

#MovidosxChile is an example of how an ecosystem can be generated through coordination between citizenry, governments and businesses to bring to one place digital solutions centered around people’s multiple needs. In this sense, the platform allows to channel efforts to the people who need it today.


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IDB Lab Team in Chile

IDB Lab Team in Chile

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