WHO + IDB Webinar: Using artificial intelligence & social listening to inform policy-making (11 June 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic is accompanied by an ‘infodemic’ – an overabundance of information that makes it difficult to distinguish between the accurate information and the mis- or disinformation. In a similar manner to an epidemic, an infodemic spreads between humans through digital and physical information systems. Enhanced understanding of the infodemic during a crisis can inform a more effective response.


In this webinar, we will hear why and how the Inter-American Development Bank and Citibeats are using artificial intelligence to analyze millions of public civic opinions across 26 countries, to create a real-time view of social needs that are then made public for anyone to use. We will also hear how AI, social listening, and partnerships in information systems for health, are used by the Pan American Health Organization and partners to bring policy-makers closer together to respond to the COVID-19 challenges.


Participants will be able to submit questions during the webinar by using Zoom’s “Q&A” feature. They may also submit them in advance by sending them to Sarah Hess: epi-win@who.int



Flavia Milano 
Civic Participation Advisor to the Vice President for Countries, Inter-American Development Bank

Harry Wilson
Chief Product Officer, Citibeats

Marcelo D’Agostino
Senior Adviser, Information Systems for Health, Evidence and Intelligence for Action in Health, Pan American Health Organization


  • Thursday, June 11th



  • 15:00-16:00 CEST (09:00-11:00am EST)

Register here (audio available in English)

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