We want a wonderful world for you and me, more humane, sustainable, inclusive, and non-materialistic in community: in family.
Our input is for the climate and cultural change (working in Canal Nacional, México City).
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Cambio Climático y Sostenibilidad · Educación · Innovación y Tecnología
¿Qué han alcanzado hasta ahora y cuáles son los próximos pasos?
Canal Nacional's Project is our laboratory for the development of water programs and projects with 200,000 people benefited; We have contributed so that the city government invests today for its improvement. Our main challenge in the short term, our work model is an example for other areas of Mexico City that also need to be preserved, and in the medium term, support other national and international urban environments with similar characteristics.
¿Cómo se aseguran de que están haciendo las cosas bien?
We have three strategic axes: Heritage and Environment, Heritage and Community, and Heritage Culture and Art. With this we establish the themes (such as in the case of the strategic axis Heritage Culture, Art, painting workshops, theater or traveling graphics). We establish quality indicators, impact indicators (number of scheduled workshops / number of workshops held x 100), and finally, the dates of completion.
¿Cuáles son los compromisos sociales y ambientales a los que se adhieren?
Our projects are backed up by 15 years of continuous work in favor of the cultural-historical-environmental / water heritages of Mexico City, which have been awarded nationally and internationally such as the Charter Awards (Congress for the New Urbanism), 2019.
¿Cómo se identifican los miembros de tu organización?
In López de la Rosa Foundation, the distinction, exclusion or restriction is prohibited, the purpose or result of which is to impair or nullify in men and women the recognition, enjoyment and exercise of their rights due to their gender, disability, ethnicity, age, sexual preference, political and / or religious ideology.
Información adicional
Canal Nacional is one of seven sites ed for World Monuments Fund to receive financial support on the biennial World Monuments Watch program 2021-2022, coordinated by C Cubica Arquitectos and Fundación López de la Rosa.

Edmundo López de la Rosa’s participation in TEDx.

Project: Building Our Common House, the House of All: the Canal Nacional, Mexico City.


3a Privada de Cereales 5, Colonia Valle del Sur, Alcaldía Iztapalapa / Ciudad de México / 09819 / Ciudad de México / México