Jacarandá is a small environmental consulting company based in southeastern Brazil. We work with a network of highly experienced consultants who have previously worked at environmental agencies and universities. We have three lines of action: environmental licensing, technical and legal advice and ecological modeling (landscape ecology, simulations and geoprocessing). We work to deliver quality and personalized results, seeking technical safety and effectiveness for each particular case.
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Medio Ambiente / Desastres Naturales

Landscape ecology - Region of Carajas, Brazilian Amazon

Medio Ambiente / Desastres Naturales · Floresta Nacional de Carajás, PA

Landscape metrics, history of forest fragmentation, simulation of forest loss and regenerarion, connectivity analysis and proposals for conservation optimization.

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Indication of areas for landscape restoration in Pará, Brazil

Cambio Climático y Sostenibilidad · Pará, Brazil

Development of conceptual model and methodology for identifying important areas for landscape restoration in the state of Pará, Brazilian Amazon, including recomendation of best sui strategies (passive regeneration, planting, native forestry or agroforestry) for each case.

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Conservation International - Brazil

MAP Geobahia

Transparencia/Reforma/Modernización del Estado · Bahia, Brazil

Participation in the development of data platform and spatial analysis for the Secretariat of Environment of Bahia, Brazil. Included geoprocessing, modeling, environmental impact assessment, algorithm design and workshop mediation activities.

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Landscape Ecology Açu Region, RJ, Brazil

Medio Ambiente / Desastres Naturales · São João da Barra, RJ, Brazil

Landscape metrics, history of fragmentation, simulation of forest loss and regeneration, connectivity analysis and proposals for biological conservation of the region impacted by the port of Açu, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Atlantic Forest / coastal ecosystems).

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