Todos Pela Educação is a movement of Brazilian society. Our mission is to help ensure that, by 2030, the country assures quality public basic education to all children and young people. Non-partisan and plural, it brings together representatives of different sectors of society, such as public managers, educators, parents, students, researchers, press professionals, business people, social organizations and organizations, that are committed to guaranteeing the right to quality education for all.
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Educación · Infancia / Juventud · Transparencia/Reforma/Modernización del Estado
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Foro Grupo BID Sociedad Civil-Regional

Educação Já! (Education Now!)

Educación · Initiative focused on positioning Education at the center of the Country Project debated from the 2018 elections, both in the States and at the federal level. Look for the hashtag # EducaçãoJá in social networks and follow our activations.
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Private Social Investment

Profissão Professor (Teaching Profession)

Educación · Project that aims to guide the public policies aimed at teachers in 4 pillars: teacher references, initial and continuing training, career and attractiveness to the profession.
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Private Social Investment

Financing and Equity

Educación · Technical, political and communication actions so that the financing mechanisms for Basic Education are improved and increasingly equi.
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International Financial Organization

Observatory of the National Education Plan

Educación · The project is a platform for advocacy and monitoring of the National Education Plan (PNE). The aim is to contribute to its fulfillment as a guiding agenda for Education in Brazil. The initiative is carried out in partnership with 27 organizations linked to Education under the coordination of Todos Pela Educação. The site gathers indicators, reviews, information on public policies, studies and news. To check the work, visit:
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Private social investment

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