Setor extrativo e sociedade civil: Quando o trabalho de comunidades, governos e indústrias é sinônimo de desenvolvimento (em espanhol, inglês)

How can governments, communities and industries use their diverse interests and needs to generate mutual benefits for all stakeholders, while respecting the environment and striving for sustainability?


Through this regional diagnosis carried out in countries rich in natural resources such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, the IDB Group seeks to highlight the best engagement practices among actors in the extractive sector on information, dialogue, and consultation actions , collaboration and partnerships that are generating development in the region.

Download for free the publication through this link and know more about the following diagnosis that analyzes the extractive sector from the perspective of the engagement between the main stakeholders: the Government, the Company and the Communities directly or indirectly affected by extractive activities. This diagnosis highlights those findings where effective stakeholder engagement represented an opportunity for development and contributed to the success of an operation.




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