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IDB Group-Civil Society

The two most important meetings with civil society of the year:

Caribbean Annual Meeting | Regional Latin America and the Caribbean Annual Meeting

Over 500 representatives of civil society organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean meet with international experts and IDB specialists to exchange knowledge and technical experience regarding development.


IXX Annual IDB Group – Civil Society Meeting

July 16th and 17th / San José, Costa Rica
Citizen Engagement 4.0

During this two-day exchange, we will review the trends and sceneries towards 2030 in matters such as e-citizen engagement and new projects that are changing the lives of millions of people through governance, transparency, migration, among others, towards development in Latin America and the Caribbean.


IX Annual IDB Group-Caribbean Civil Society Meeting

Bridgetown, Barbados
November 12th, 2019

A high-level dialogue on the latest strategic developments in the fields of citizen engagement, collaborative public policy design, and open government. Find out how to participate here.

Annual IDB Group Forum – Civil Society | Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay
April 8th & 9th, 2019

The Mega-Trends that will impact the future of work; the challenges of automatization and the need for new skills; the new labor relations and the opportunities of the on-demand economy; the opportunities from the collaborative-economy and the digital-transformation...

VIII Annual Caribbean Forum  2018 – Civil Society and IDB Group

Georgetown, Guyana
June 8, 2018

The main topics of the agenda were Digital Transformation, challenges for the Caribbean; the IDB Civil Society Strategy focused on climate change and preparedness for natural disasters; successful experiences and new technological approaches.

XVII Annual Meeting – IDB Group and Civil Society Grupo BID | Bolivia

Santa Cruz, Bolivia
November 8th & 9, 2017

International experts, workshops, panels and presentations around innovation, future of work, governments and citizen participation, new technologies and the expected impacts.