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The latest in current development affairs in the region.

Rethinking the relationship between the IDB Group and Civil Society: The Panama experience

The Panama IDB Country Office developed an innovative method to facilitate citizen participation in the design of their Country Strategy. [...]

The role of citizen engagement in the new public governance. By Flavia Milano

En marco del Foro GPSA, Flavia Milano, Especialista Senior en Participación Ciudadana del BID reflexiona sobre los temas discutidos en el evento. [...]


The winning organization will receive US$100,000 in recognition of its work, and to encourage their ongoing efforts to improve lives. [...]

Technology as an ally in the revitalization of Indigenous languages

In Guatemala, governments and CSOs came together to make possible the teaching and preservation of Indigenous languages through new technologies. [...]

Engaging Citizens for Transparent Societies: How is the Caribbean doing?

The intersection between citizen engagement and transparency was the center of the conversation at this year's IDB Group-Caribbean Civil Society Meeti[...]

Keys for facing climate change in the region

Actions against climate change are boosted through effective linkage between governments, civil society and private sector. Click to learn how. [...]

Lessons from Four Decades of Infrastructure Project-Related Conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report investigates the nature and consequences of conflict in infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean [...]

Survey: ethics and Artificial Intelligence

The survey seeks to promote the responsible adoption of AI to improve the provision of social services and create opportunities for development. [...]

New Publication! Governments and Civil Society Advancing Climate Agendas

The study had a methodological framework that systematizes and analyzes best citizen engagement practices for the advancement of governments’ sustai[...]

The IDB listens to citizen inputs for the modernization of Environmental and Social Policies

Be part of this public consultation to update our environmental and social policies, to ensure better and more sustainable results in IDB operations. [...]

Trabajo decente para las personas con discapacidad

A pesar de que se estima que casi 13% de la población en nuestra región presenta alguna discapacidad, su situación en el mercado de trabajo no es f[...]

We The People. Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this interactive publication, you will learn a social model of disability [...]

Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement: A Joint Publication of the MFI Working Group on Environmental and Social Standards

A new publication summarizing key objectives, principles and elements of stakeholder engagement. [...]

The ten elements of a meaningful stakeholder engagement process

A new publication summarizing key objectives, principles and elements of stakeholder engagement. [...]